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Combat Zone Sports is proud to announce our first ever and “NOT” the last 24 hour Airsoft event at our park.

We will be starting at 12 noon on Saturday the 22nd

and running until 12 noon Sunday the 23rd. 


Mission operators will be required to locate an EVIL WARLORD from the rouge nation of ZONESTAN.  Intel reports from ZNN NEWS have said that training camps have been found all over the country but the head quarters is right here in Merritt Island, Fl and this evil warloard must be stopped at all costs.

Apparently his cell of terror has been seen training at a paintball / airsoft park located behind Merritt Sq. Mall.  They are HIDING IN PLAN SITE pretending to be regular people out having fun.  We will only have a 5 hour window from 12 noon on Saturday until 1700 hrs (5pm) on Saturday when normal customers are there to LOCATE AND IDENTIFY potential targets.  Until all INNOCENT CIVLIANS can safely leave the park by 1700hrs (5pm) we will be required to pretend to be average customers while scouting all potential target areas and “Evil  DOERS”

 Once all of the INNOCENT Civilian’s are gone we will have to regroup and design our attack plans for the rest of the night in to the next day.  The missions is critical and we must find them and there training base so that it can be destroyed.  


 Do you have what it takes?  Can you join the fight to end his evil reign of terror???  

Join the fight and SIGN UP TODAY!



Starting July 22nd at 12 noon!
Ending July 23 at 12 noon!

Entry is $50.00 day of event
PREPAY for only $40.00


 Come in to Combat Zone any day of the week and PRE-REGISTER for only $40.00 


Pay the day of for only $50.00


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