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Regular admission of $10.00 for the day!

Come out and have the park to yourselves!


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  1. Barrel bag must be on,  mag out, and gun on safe when not on the field.
  2. NO HOMEMADE BARREL BAGS ALLOWED! Only rated barrel bags that can stop BBs are allowed.  Authorized Barrel Bags can be purchased inside our main store for $6.99 and Pistols are considered safe when in a holster.
  3. No dry firing in the staging area.
  4. Keep your eye protection on at all times when on the field. Full seal Ansi z87.1 eye pro is required and a hard protector must be present to cover your mouth. Example: Eye Pro and wire mesh bottom, Paintball or Airsoft Mask.
  5. NO CHEATING!.  Be honest and keep this sport fun for everyone!


FPS REGULATIONS (with .2 gram BBs):

  1. Standard rifles can shoot up to 400FPS and have a 10 foot minimum engagement distance
  2. DMRs can shoot up to 450 FPS, be locked to semi only, and have a 50 foot minimum engagement distance.
  3. LMGs can shoot up to 425 FPS, be locked to full auto, and have a 50 foot minimum engagement distance.
  4. Bolt action snipers can shoot up to 550 FPS and have a 100 foot minimum engagement distance.
  5. All HPA weapons must Chrono 50 FPS below the limit for its weapon category.
  6. Pistols can shoot up to 400 FPS and have a 10 foot minimum engagement distance.
  7. If within the 10 foot minimum engagement distance with a pistol or rifle, a player can shout “BANG BANG” which will eliminate a player they are aiming at. If you “BANG BANG” a player that is also aiming at you, you both are eliminated.
  8. Melee weapons can be used as long as they are made of soft foam or rubber and inspected by a referee prior to the game.



  1. When hit, yell “HIT” and put your hand in the air, then follow the respawn rules put in place for that game. Dead rags encouraged.
  2. No BLIND FIRING! This is when a player shoots without being able to aim down their weapon’s sights.
  3. If you hear “BLIND MAN” or “BROKEN ARROW” called on the field, immediately remove your magazine, put your weapon on safe, and apply your barrel bag. Do not move from the position you were in when the call was made, within reason.
  4. Never call out another player for not calling their hits or blind firing. If you believe a player is doing so inform a referee and they will handle the situation. You may call out a player for not following the basic safety guidelines as listed above but nothing else.


Failure to follow these rules more than 3 times will result in sitting out of a game, and if done a 5th time you will be kicked off the field for the day.




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