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A lot of parents ask the following questions so we thought we would put them up here and see if they might help you too!



Q: Do you have a Facebook page I can “Like” so I can get updates about your facility?

A:  Click here for Paintball Facebook:

Click here for Skate Park Facebook:


Q: Can I follow the park on INSTAGRAM? 

A: YES!!!  For Paintball look for: 



and for the Skate Park look for: 




 Q:  Is the park open when it is raining outside?

A: Yes!  Unless there is a hurricane or lightning within 3 miles we will remain open and playing paintball or skating in the almost 10,000 sq. foot riding facility.  So when it rains come on out and have fun with us.


Q: When are the fields open for play?

A:  The fields are OPEN on Saturday & Sundays from 10am until 5pm for play and last games are called around 4:30 because a game can run up until closing at 5pm.


Q: Is the skate park and mini golf open 7 days a week?

A: Yes!  The skate park and mini golf operates 7 days a week.  Please check the home page for hours of operation.

Q: Do you all know that the kids are out of school for………….
  (Insert Holiday Here!)

A: Yes, we do monitor holidays but we have tried several times to OPEN the fields on weekdays but we have never meet the number of players needed in order to make our payroll for the day.  Most paintballers plan and execute their play time on weekends and we respond to their needs.   We understand that you might want to do a weekday party and we can on Tuesdays and Fridays but only for private parties that book in advance we must have a minimum of 25 players with a $100.00 DEPOSIT paid no less than a week before your event.  If the whole group of 25 comes in then your deposit will be refunded but if it is any less than 25 the house will keep the deposit.  You can get more detailed information from our shop so please call 321-454-2374 and speak to a sales associate. 


A: The BSDP is an all inclusive paintball park pass that gets each player access to all 3 of our paintball fields, all the rental gear which is a mask, gun, tank, hopper, UNLIMITED Air and 500 paintballs all for only $26.99 per person plus tax.


Q: Do you have a skate store?  Do you sell BMX parts?

A: Yes, we have a small skate shop and carry a nice amount of gear for skaters (See Skate Store Pictures) .  No, We do not sell BMX parts at this time but we are considering it in the future.


Q: What is the minimum age to play?

A: 8 years or older can play at Combat Zone Paintball


Q: How long do most parties play?

A: Most parties are here from between 1 to 3 hours, but you can stay from the time you get here until we close at 5 pm.


Q: What is your group rate?

A: Yes!  Our 10 PACK PARTY PACKAGE is a great deal!  All you need is a minimum of 10 players and you can get all day play, all the rental gear, unlimited air and 4000 paintballs for $249.99


The average party of 10 players will consume a full 2000 round case of balls to give each of the 10 players ONE (1) full hopper of paint.  The average party of 10 will use between 2 to 3 cases of paintballs so please consider that when scheduling a party.


If you have 10 players at $10.00 each and let’s say you buy 2 cases of our least expensive balls at $39.99 per case you will have 10 players at $100.00 and 2 cases of paintballs at 39.99 for a total of $180.00 plus tax.


Q: What is the oldest player you have ever had?
A: 84 year old grandmother who played for 3 hours! 


Q: Does is hurt?  Can you get bruises from playing?
A: How much it hurts depends on how tough the individual is.  Some people handle it better than others.  You can get slight to sever bruises and that depends on your iron level in your blood and how close you are to a shot.  People with low iron will bruise easier than those with a high count


Q: What should we wear to play?
A: We tell people it is what you are comfortable wearing.  Most people wear long pants and a short sleeved shirt.   We do not provide “Armor” but we do sell additional protection in our store.

Q: Do kids play against adults?
A: Yes, This is a common question and the simple answer the smaller kids have all the advantage because they are small.  This is the only sport where adults and kids can play and it is all equal.  An older player does not mean a better player.  About 50% of all players here on any weekends are NEW PLAYERS!  So load the kids up and come on  down and see for yourself!

Q: What kind of gun do you rent?
A: We rent the NEW Tippmann FT-12 and the Tippmann 98 Custom.  They are semi-automatic and come with a compressed air tank (HPA) so your shots will me more consistent.

Q: Can we bring out own paintballs to use?
A: We do not allow outside paintballs at our fields.  Most chain stores sell older paintballs and paintballs will become stale after a few months.  We order FRESH paintballs every 2 weeks and sell on average 150 cases a week so our paintballs are always fresh and properly stored and rotated for freshness.  Plus we are very reasonable in price and many times beat the box stores not only in quality but price too!

Q: Do you sell paintball guns? Do you have equipment and gear?

A: Yes we have one of the best stocked stores in the state of Florida and when you buy a paintball gun from us you get 3 FREE months of play at our park and FREE lifetime Maintenance on your gun for buying from us.  Check out our Store Pictures on the main menu.

Q: Do you allow Airsoft play at CZP?

A: Yes!  Airsoft is becoming bigger and bigger as far as players go each year and we have 3 great fields for them to play on and we are working on a 4th!  Saturday seems to be a heavier day but we do get some on Sunday as well!  We only charge $10.00 for the whole day!  Tell your friends!!!


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