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In order to feed the need to play paintball and airsoft at our park many customers have been asking for memberships.


*Airsoft Players see bottom section marked (AIRSOFT)


We are now offering the following for paintball and we offer a CASH price and & CREDIT price listed below.



(All prices are pre-tax)

Purchase a 2 year 24 month PLATNIUM pass and get $100 bucks taken off at the time of purchase!!!



BUY ANY MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE and get 3 EXTRA months (FREE) so 15 months for the price of 12!
Mention this special when you purchase!


BASIC Training: $199.99 (Cash Price) or $208.99 (Credit Price) , with this membership you will get unlimited field admissions for an entire year.


GOLD: $274.99 (Cash Price) or $285.99 (Credit Price), The gold level membership will get you Unlimited field admissions and Unlimited Air Fills for the entire year.


Platinum: $299.99 (Cash Price) or $311.98 (Credit Price), The Platinum membership will get you Unlimited field play, Unlimited air fills and 10% off each case of paint you buy. Over the course of a year that 10% will really add up on the most expensive part of paintball…..THE PAINT!


(NOTE*: We prefer cash as payment and we can accept credit cards but we have to add 4% to accept credit payment on MEMBERSHIPS ONLY!)


Our goals are to build a brand new 4th field called “The lost city, CQB style” and a brand new speedball field with the new “VORTEX” bunker system. Check out there FB page @


Selling memberships will pay for the new fields and help us erect another play area where we will build the new “Lost city” field for paintball and airsoft play! But we need to sell at least 50 memberships in order to get this project going. Your membership will start the week you buy it and you will have access to all 3 of our fields and all the privileges included with each package. The more we sell the better the park will be.


If you are interested please come in to the store and ask to speak to Mike about membership. I work every day except Wednesday so I am pretty easy to find.



Please help us spread the word and get the memberships going so we can make improvements to “Your” paintball park!


Attn: AIRSOFT WARRIORS!!! We want you at our park!!!


Airsoft is growing and in some areas overtaking paintball and we want to help your sport GROW! We know many of you travel long distances to play and we want to shorten that drive and have Combat Zone Sports become your HOME PARK! On that we would like to offer you the following package.


Airsoft BAISC Training Package: $199.99 and you get an entire year of admissions to our 3 awesome fields. If you travel to Orlando and pay to play at $15.00 a pop that’s only 13 visits and you can play all year at Combat Zone for less!


(AIRSOFT) If you are an airsoft player consider the basic training package because it boils down to only 13 visits at other parks that charge $15.00 to get in.  By coming to us you will save money on admission, gas, tolls and time! Many of you spend more than that in a few months at other parks! Buy the basic membership and play all year long with us!!!




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