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Paintball, Airsoft Park Pricing


Fields are open for PLAY
(ONLY) Saturday & Sunday (ONLY)
10am until 5pm
(Last game called to start @ 4:30pm)

Fields are only open for play on

Saturday & Sunday from 10am until 5pm



 Airsoft:  $15 for a day pass and that includes the outdoor field and our NEW INDOOR CQB Field that is open for play 7 days a week.



Click on the AIRSOFT tab for rules and more details!



Airsoft Rental Rifle, Admission, Mask, Sling, Mag and 1000 BB’s Only $30.00 for the day!


Purchase a pass on ANY Saturday and come back for AIRSOFT on Sunday and bring your Saturday Wrist Band and we will take $5.00 off your Sunday admission.



Paintball:  Rental $15
Your own gun: $10

 Unlimited Air Card:  $5.49 for HPA                                          $6.49 for Co2

Scroll all the way to the bottom for paintball prices!

Big Special Combo Deal: 

 Includes all day pass,

Unlimited All day Air fills,

Rental Gun & Mask

A bag of 500 paintballs.

ONLY: $26.99 Per Person!


Group Rate


10 Players (min)
(If you need to add players it will be $10 per person and does not include extra paintballs.)

10 Rentals,

10 Unlimited Air Fill Cards,

2 Cases of paintballs (4000 balls total)

ONLY: $249.99

* 10 player MININUM to get the discount.  Can’t be substituted or changed for any less than 10 players total.  You can NOT pay for a 10th player and get the discount either.  Please don’t ask!










Paintball and Airsoft fields are ONLY open for play on Saturday and Sundays from 10am until 5pm.



We recommend you come out early to play.  Last game is called at 4:30pm so try not to show up after 3pm because there is not much time left.






 Pricing to play Paintball at CZP!

(Players must be 8 years and older to play at our park)

ALL Paintballs must be purchased from CZP!  We do not allow outside paintballs because we do not know the quality or age of outside paint.  We ORDER FRESH paint every 2 weeks so we will make sure you have a great ball at a great price!






 *10 players is the absolute minimum allowed to receive the group discounts & No substitutions or exceptions please! 

We offer 5 levels of paintballs so the parent can pick and chose the grade and level that best fits their party. 

Cases of 2000 paintballs begin at:

$43.99 for 1 star,

$49.99 for 2 star, 

$54.99 for 3 Star, 

$59.99 for 4 Star and

$69.99 for our best ball! 5 Star!!!

All prices are before taxes imposed by the government!  (We don’t like to collect them but they force us to, lol)


The average party of 10 players will consume a full 2000 round case of balls to give each of the 10 players ONE (1) full hopper of paint.  The average party of 10 will use between 2 to 3 cases of paintballs so please consider that when scheduling a party.



 Paintballs by the bag:   (The Higher the star rating the better the ball!!!)

1 Star: $11.99

2 Star $13.99

3 Star $15.99

4 Star $16.99

5 Star $18.99


Paintballs by the 2000 round Case!  (The higher the star rating the better the ball!!!)

1 Star Case: $43.99

2 Star Case: $49.99

3 Star Case $54.99

4 Star Case $59.99

5 Star Case: $69.99  

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