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We have bought a BRAND NEW skate lite that is made in Canada and is 4 times stronger than the old kind! We will be working on this for a few weeks and need volunteers to help if you have the skill we could use you!!!


Thanks for helping keep the park a good place to ride!





Photos of our park both inside and outside and some of our loyal riders having fun at our park!   Our indoor is a street layout and is just shy of 10,000 sq feet and the outside features a huge riding area with a 3 foot vert ramp, a 6 foot vert and our premiere 13 foot vert!  We also have a 5 1/2 foot fly box for our BMX riders!  Come ride with us!!!!

Skate Pics 01  1450641972858-1 MEME2015-12-18-09-13-311 Skate 03Meme_25071  1436613986803 14350202054311 14422615667351 14425085789491 IMG_20150914_1917201 IMG_20150929_1341541 IMG_20151122_170842 IMG_20151128_1028001 new 04 New inside repairs New ramp 02 Screenshot_2015-11-25-12-15-02-1  securedownload     skate 05  Park view

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